“Can I get you a ring to match the one your bestie got today?” Rone asked.

“It would be such a nice gesture if it was not from you!” I said.

“Oooh really?” Rone said smiling

His vibe hit real different. He had managed to leave me inarticulate countless of times. How was that supposed to make me fall for him?

Well, despite it all I still did. I don’t know if it’s because my friends
thought that he was cute or because he was my type in disguise.

The first time I interacted with Rone it was so intense that a crowd that needed a mental check up were convinced about him and I having a thing. Yes! we had a thing. The thing was common interest in getting to know more about mental health. That’s why we paid for the event. Rone is the perfect marketing strategist swaying me to events because so far I’ve been paying for mental health events ever since we met. He messed and still is messing up with my head.

Like characters in a movie, owning a home, being a family and having friends who are traumatized was our first role. The way he held my hand as we headed to the stage was strange. As if that was not enough, he put me in the worst position where I had to hold his biceps. It was an ” on the spot” script and the least I could do was cooperate.

” Did you hear that Chris was attacked last week?”

“By whom?”

“Some random guys. All they wanted was his pants and wallet even if it was empty,” Rone said laughing.

“Lemmi put your specs on. Probably I’ll see the joke.” I said as I transferred them from his eyes to mine.

The last thing an Aries can do is acting like a boring script wife.
The rest of the act was not so interesting. Maybe because my script husband was having some ‘specs of headache’

” You’re my bae for the day you short girl on heels. So where should we sit for our lunch my little woman?” Rone whispered.
“A table for two will serve as enough privacy.”

“Anything for the queen.”

“Is it THE queen or YOUR queen?”

“That’s a good way to start a private conversation in a table for two.” He blinked and smiled as he walked out of my sight!!



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