her  world is built of what she wears, her shoes are the anchors of her body. Fashion is all she knows, all she talks , how she walks with calculated steps.  In her mind the color she chooses is what brings out her mood. Creativity comes in as her attire reflects what she will embark on that day, her pose is her soul equipped with boldness. She blends in the society for what she wears exposes what’s within her.

Fashion is not just the clothes we wear or the shoes we wear that matches our bags, fashion is what we feel when we wear a type of attire, what the attire brings out about us, about where we are going, what we are going to do. Fashion is what speaks out without us having to utter a word about ourselves. It’s the first impression we give about ourselves not about the clothes we are wearing.

It’s an Expression, its Art, its Passion. It’s not A Mask where u hide all your insecurities. What you wear  should bring out the real you, whether it’s a touch of funk, a touch of elegance, a touch of casual, a touch of vintage, tribal, it should bring out what other people don’t see apart from you

Beauty is a part of fashion, you have to feel good about what you wear, and you have to love how you look till it brings out the joyful soul in you. For a man let it bring out a touch of boldness, a sense of masculinity. Ladies let it bring out your entire beautiful inner side, deep within you… #UremboNiWewe




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