Nigeria, often referred to as the “Giant of Africa,” has produced some of the continent’s most acclaimed and influential writers. Starting today, a new serialized story, THE OFFICE CLEANER, will be making a debut on Africa’s biggest Lifestyle and Fashion Magazine, Fotophreak! Enjoy the ride.
Okpechi Engineering Company had put up the notice “CLEANERS URGENTLY NEEDED” in front of the company and about five people applied for the job.
The branch manager, Mr David fixed a date for the interview.
The interview day came and the company was abuzz with excitement. The junior workers were the happiest because they were made to do the cleaning jobs in addition to their own jobs, since their last cleaners were suddenly sacked, for reasons none of them knew.
The interview panel consisted of the Human Resource Manager, Mr. Excellent and the Branch Manager.
The interview began at about 10 am.

The Office Cleaner - Now showing on Fotophreak Magazine.
The Office Cleaner – Now showing on Fotophreak Magazine.

The first person that was interviewed was a man dressed in an oversize coat and dirty jeans with an old sneaker.
The interviewers looked at him and were about to send him out thinking he was mentally unstable.
He suddenly began to introduce himself without being asked to do so, to the admiration of the two panelists.
“My name is Akpan and I am from Eket, in Akwa Ibom State, but I reside here in Port Harcourt.
“I hereby apply for the post of a cleaner in your number one company”, he said as the manager tried hard not to laugh.
“You have applied already. You are only here to be interviewed”, Mr Excellent told him
“Noted Sir”, Akpan replied with a bow.
“Why are you dressed like this? Mr David, the manager asked, looking straight into his eyes.
“Oka (Oga), I say let me wear suit and nice sneakers to show you that I am the man for the job”, he answered adjusting his coat.
“I see. So, have you worked as a cleaner before? Mr Excellent asked him.
“Oka, I worked as a cleaner for many years in different companies. I be professional cleaner”, he replied, beaming with smiles.

Looking at him from head to toe, the manager asked? “Can you wash the toilet very well and leave it sparkling clean?
“Oka, that is the simplest thing I can do”, Akpan replied even before the manager was done talking.
“I can wash anything washable. In fact, I can wash your sins away, if you allow me”, he added looking so serious.
“Okay I get it. This isn’t some sort of comedy Mr Akpan. How can you wash our sins away, when you are not Jesus Christ”, the supervisor replied him with an irritat!ng look
“You can go. We will get back to you”, the manager quickly added.
Akpan stepped out, rejoicing as though he had been given the job.

Three other people entered after Akpan and were all interviewed. Then, it was time for the last person to be interviewed.
A very beautiful, curvy lady, with a captivating smile walked in. Both they Mr David and Mr Excellent stared at her for seconds in admiration.
“Wao! What a beauty”, the manager thought to himself
“This is beauty in its real form”, the supervisor muttered.
“Good morning, Sir”, her greeting brought the two men to reality.
“Good morning, Lady. Are you also here to be interviewed for the post of a cleaner”, asked the manager, surprise written all over his face.
“Yes sir”, she replied smiling.
“She looks too beautiful to be a cleaner”, he thought. He stared at her once again.

She wore a purple top that revealed the upper part of her two oranges and a beautiful, tight jean that brought out her curves.
She also wore very light make up and had a beautifully braided hairstyle.
“Please, can we meet you? Mr Excellent asked.
“My name is Judith. I am a National Diploma Holder. I have worked as a cleaner in several companies and I can assure you that I am very good at what I do”, she answered.
But your dressing… You don’t look like a cleaner, he said running his eyes through her body.
“Looking good as a cleaner is also a way of building a good image of an organization, Sir, Judith replied adjusting her posture.
“I don’t have to look dirty and tattered because I am a cleaner”, she added.
“Wao! I am impressed”, said Mr Excellent, as he turned to look at the manager, Mr David.
“I am too, the manager said. “You can go, beautiful. We will get back to you”, he added.
“Thank you so much”, Judith said as she walked out, carrying herself with elegance.

After she left, the two interviewers had a brief meeting and decided to employ Judith and Akpan. Their reason for choosing Akpan was because of his sense of humour.
“Let’s not judge him by his looks”, Mr David told his colleague
Later that evening, a text message was sent by the company’s secretary to both Akpan and Judith.
It read “Following the interview held today at Okpechi Engineering Company, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be one of our cleaners. You may resume work on Monday.”
Judith had just returned home from the market when she got the message.
Immediately she read the message, she smiled mischievously, picked a second phone and dialed a number
“Mission number one accomplished”, she said immediately the receiver picked up



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