‘Can I hold you?’ Vins asked, not so clearly. He needed comfort and if holding me was enough comfort why would I deny him? Before I responded his arms were already around me…around my waist, I expected the holding was for the hands too somehow. Unable to say a thing or resist, I ignored this besides it kind of felt good. I couldn’t think of anything neither could I hear clearly whatever he was saying considering how drunk I was. Maybe he was still at it, (lamenting) or perhaps seeking comfort who knows.

The only thing around me was tension, his hands on my skin gave me goose pimples, and you see Vins was somehow close to me but not this close. A series of mixed feelings followed the Dior eagerness of pleasure and overwhelming guilt. Amidst the dubiety in my mind, his fingers slid down my lady part, the fingers playing with my clit, I surrendered to the rhythm, God I needed this, I think I must have turned to face him and went straight for his lips and trust me this felt really good. He caressed my body going down for the inner things, wet! I was weak. I had not felt this way in like forever.

“She should leave right?” he asked whispering. I just shook my head, I was so drowned and engrossed in the pleasure that I couldn’t talk much, “No it’s late” I said struggling with these words. Dee was my friend, okay not that much of a friend I had just met her recently and I liked her so I couldn’t let her leave that late, wait was this really the reason or was it because I wanted so bad to get dickmatised by her guy? Okay whatever.

He was on my case yet again, still caressing my body and doing the finger thing. I was too absorbed in this to give back, I mean pleasure is a two way traffic thing; I should have given him head but am selfish so I was only thinking of me alone at that moment. I grabbed his crouch, Jesus! hard and huge made me remember the lyrics to Tekno’s song ‘pana’ something like ‘…I got a big cassava…’ into me he went, and I gasped too loud that he must have panicked, he held my mouth with his palms so to stop me from making too much noise. Trust me am a silent person but with him I couldn’t help it. I felt him inside me and everything too; it was like the first time I was getting laid. Thrusting in and out rhythmically, he then picked a different tempo and thrusting so hard and fast, lord of mercy this man was a sexual god, and when I couldn’t hold it anymore I let my lady juices flow freely.
Cousin Bae Part 3
Cousin Bae Part 2

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