“Thank you in advance. I don’t want to dance. I don’t want your hands all over me,”
“I insist”
“But how are we going to dance without holding each other? Sounds boring to me!”
” Let’s confirm how boring it can be,” Rone insisted
As we moved from side to side, I could not hide my smile. I wanted to spend time around him but I hate the fact that he wanted it too. I hated everything about him from his smile, the shape of his face to the way his mouth curved as he said my name. His existence served nothing less than a temptation. Most of all, I hated how much I loved him

For a moment, I caught him smiling back at me. The music was slowly fading. It was the moment everyone was waiting for; cake cutting. My bestie would be going through the same process as an egg as it interphase’s from the bird to the nest. I was happy for her, sad for me and had mixed feeling for Rone, my incoming ex crush. I still hate the fact that he keeps on appearing everywhere; in class, most if not all the events that I attend and of course in my bed when I’m dreaming.

We were good friends in his mind since two weeks after meeting but in my world I was crushing my heart by noticing how nice he looked, smiled, dressed and of course looked at me.

“Time to throw the bouquet!” Shouted the MC. My Bestie smiles at me acting like she ain’t aware of my constant status for the past three years. I’m so used to being single and happy. That does not mean that I don’t want love or I don’t love. I just want it unrequited. The flowers fell on my feet. Definitely not a coincidence . She had it all planned maybe to get me thinking about at least getting a boyfriend if not marriage.

“Here, ” says Rone as he hands me the bouquet smiling.

“We are next,” he continues

Maybe he thinks I’m playing hard to get. Maybe he is genuinely attracted to me. I hate it. After all these years of learning mathematics, I noted how much I hated reciprocals. My dictionary has the word unrequited in every page. Nevermind. I wrote it myself. And it never ends here.



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