It’s heaven like. You’ll fall in love, get drunk with outsiders, party till the sun rises and get broke in the name of, “You only live once. “That’s what they voiced, but guess what, they lied. Ever heard of perfect imperfection? Yeah, that’s how I had fancied everything. Welcome to the Campus Love Story Season 1: The Beautiful Mistake

Got into campus with a stunning pictured lifestyle in my mind; beautiful souls, empowered friendships and lovers who’s undertakings were in line with every single word said in my favorite love song. I intend not to say this, but once again, they lied. Don’t get me wrong. Yes, people fall in love, link up up with amazing friends and do all those insane stuff, but the side of my story, is a hell come true.

It was on a gloomy Tuesday morning, ready to attend my first lecture. There I was, strolling through the corridors of those lecture halls, trying to figure out the right one, with a bag pack on my back. I should have probably grasped those books on my hand. Perhaps, some cute guy might have knocked me over and fallen for me, just as it happens in the movies. Maybe I would have had a beautiful love story to tell, or preferably none at all.

Well, this is a different one. Having my tiny bag still at the back, I settled at turning it to the front, as if trying to draw out some books. Didn’t wanna be deemed as confused, which I definitely was. Just like any other first year students at school, I was puzzled. I couldn’t even tell where the lecture hall was, but still held my head up high, coz that’s what brave girls do, right?

Reaching out for some help was out of question. I just couldn’t look dumb.” I got all it takes to be bright anyway. “This was the self conviction that kept me at a stand before heading out to some tall, slender guy at the side pole on my right. “Hello, am Jason.” He valiantly introduced himself, before I broached in. For a moment, I had forgotten what had taken me there in the first place. Couldn’t help but get lost in his eyes.
Setting out immediately was the next action, since the help I was in need of had already been offered. I was 30 minutes late in an hour period lecture, yet the rest of the time seemed like eternity. I just couldn’t stop fantasizing of how cute Jason’s eyes were, and how his deep voice had given me second thoughts on love. To be sincere, who wouldn’t fall for such a guy. My only fear was, what if I don’t get to see him again?

Finally! The lecture was over, and there he was, still standing at that pole. As I walked through that side, I silently made a prayer, hoping that he’d notice me. “We’re gonna be late for the next lecture. Hurry up!” Mella, a high school ‘baffie’ of mine said this, in a struggle of pulling me through that corridor. Seemed she had noticed me glancing at Jason. “You wouldn’t wanna associate yourself with that guy. He is a masked devil,” she added. What could I do, other than pretend that I didn’t even know him? I hadn’t even introduced myself to him. Was he ever interested in knowing me, or hadn’t he looked at me, the same way I had looked at him. I couldn’t help but think of all these.

“Can I have your number?” That was Jason’s voice from behind, but I wasn’t even sure on what to answer, after what Mella had said…



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