Hello Everybarry, if you happen to be new to this series, please have a good read of EPISODE 1 & EPISODE 2 before we come back and get going with this episode!…
She walked towards us looking all happy and contented. Before I uttered a single word, she gave me a wink which was our secret code for ‘everything is okay’. Well, everything wasn’t okay with me on the other side, a cocktail of emotions rushed through me. Disappointment, guilt anger I don’t know, I was chocking with all these at the same time feeling grateful they had made up at least it would ease up my conscience.
Vins left us two in the restaurant as he went to work, he said he’d be back in the evening since we would be clubbing before they left the next day. We stared at each other for seconds, the flirty kind of stare. Having to stay with Dee was enough punishment to my guilty self. We talked about girl stuff and how they made up with Vins, as much as I didn’t want to know it just came up, then about my guy whom I didn’t care much about after the escapades with Vins.
It was 10pm already and Tim had not arrived yet. Dee had suggested for him to come and he promised to, I was getting all impatient or rather should I say I couldn’t stand Vins and Dee romancing around and acting so in love. I excused myself to call Tim and know what was keeping him. His phone wasn’t going through so I decided to stick outside to get air as I waited for him to call me back. Then a hand tapped my shoulder, I would give him a piece of my mind I thought as I turned hoping it was Tim, not at all it wasn’t him, who else? Vins.
For a moment we just stared not knowing what to say. Then he asked if Tim was still coming and all I could say was, “I don’t know.” Vins knew my situation with Tim. He opened up his arms to give me an embrace I so much needed at the time. The tension between both of us was intriguing. I looked up to appreciate his concern and our lips brushed, damn I yearned for those lips and we moved away from each other. But the lust was too intense both of us couldn’t help it. He grabbed me back and our make out session began. We rushed to his car in the back sit and were at it again.
This time I went for his crouch my palm against his member underside as I licked my way down his torso, stopping short of his member, I could hear him groan and this made me feel triumphant and when he couldn’t have it no more he slid the fingers inside me the other hand caressing my inner thighs in circles. I took off my top as he went down on the tits, then got me on top of him so that I sat on it and rode it like a cow girl, fast then I picked a tempo that I was comfortable with riding it back and forth. And as we were lost in our moment, the door to the car was opened. There stood Dee. This time she caught us in action. As she stood there dumbfounded I heard footsteps and Tim’s voice, “what’s up Dee?” and he too came to the car as Dee walked away sobbing.
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