Stella stood by the bedroom window of the apartment she shared with her boyfriend Lucas looking at a spectacle that killed her slowly .On their bed lay Lucas and another woman who were making love riding him and moaning .When he was about to climax she got off him and went on her knees ,Stella had to look away the pain had become unbearable .In their entire relationship of three years they had never had much intimacy or sexual experiments .She could not understand how it all came to an end in one moment and Luke had to pay. She was not going to let him get away with this, not this time .

She hid and waited for the woman to leave braving the confrontation that was about to take place .She entered the apartment with her usual act a smile and came to hug him from behind . He was in the kitchen shirtless scrambling an egg “Hi babe ,how are you ?” He tasted a piece of the egg and turned to feed the rest to her “Hmm,,tasty ” . For a while she had lost track of why she had entered the room until she saw their bedroom door. It all came crashing, her heart lost a pulse and a tear fell from her left eye .Stella approached the drawer by the door and retrieved the glock handgun caressing it ,her body numb with pain and regret but she had to do it .

Luke turned to face a gun pointed at him and smiled they had played this game countless times .He had taught her how to aim and shoot both far and near targets but something was amiss today; stella was crying .”You unfaithful dog, I trusted you but you cheated on me after all this time after all we’ve been through.” Luke tried to move towards her ,she fired three shots to the chest and he fell just before her feet bleeding .She looked down on his face and wept anew kneeling to put the gun in his hand .Stella packed her things and went for the door ,she looked back one last time and shut the door no one would ever know,,,




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