The Fotophreak Model of the Week


He noticed my distress and the girl was long gone. I was at peace… Well not really. I had seen something inside of him that I could not ignore. He could be easily swayed but I trusted him and so I would give him a chance, after all I would want to be given a chance too. As weeks went by, I realized bigger changes in him and I did not like it at all.

There had been days that he would blow off the most important of occasions to spend time with me but now the smallest of excuses and he would be gone. Of course I thought nothing of it at first, he had duties to fulfill as did I but I could not help but feel so neglected. I did not want to confront him about it on account of being threatened with a break up so I kept it in.

It got worse when he met girls during his endeavors. He would tell me about them, spoke of them as friends but for some reason every time he described one I would be infuriated. There was something unnatural about the way he spoke of other girls, was it lust, love, or admiration? I was not sure but I wanted it to be me that he was talking about like that. There was a time I was so annoyed by the way he was describing one of the girl’s rear end and I sarcastically blurted out ‘If it’s so big why aren’t you tapping that?’

I froze awaiting the threat, he stared at me for a moment then laughed.

‘ Nah, I have enough. ‘ Is what he said and for some reason it was not reassuring. It felt like he had settled for a consolation gift because he was tired of chasing girls. Of course I thought I was over-thinking but future events would prove otherwise.



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