The journey was long, Jared looked out of the window curiously. His only landmark for Mbuinzau town was a giraffe carving outside the the Cafeteria near Nguumo secondary school. Every time the bus completed a kilometer Jared developed fears. He was not sure of what he felt whether anxiety or fear but at three o’clock he alighted the bus at Mbui-Nzau. He walked about carrying his bag and suddenly met someone familiar. He said he was Kaleli and took his bag. He said he would take it home. Jared was offered rides by bodaboda riders but chose to walk. He wanted to go alone. He wanted solitude ,he wanted time alone to rethink his new life. He treked the six kilometers not minding the scorching sun and when he was home he was met by his aunt. His cousins were also there save one and his brother Calvins who were herding the family livestock. He was met with celebration. His aunt was glad to see him. He was taken to his the house, which was two bed-roomed . His room where he would sleep with his brother was a small extension of the house. He got into the house as his cousins flooded where he was. He gave them the several coconuts he had brought, two breads and a five liter juice. After that nobody bothered him. In the evening his brother was home. Their eyes met. He looked at him joyfully despite the fallout in the family but still lacked a word for him even though he was happy he had family by him. His brother spoke the language of happiness but his heart still bled at the pain of belonging to a divorced family but wherever, let life take its course .



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