Fashion updates is not like every day news. It is eventful, dynamic and luck lustered.
Here are the updates in the world of fashion that will refresh your feed.

1. A Kenyan Newly Crowned Miss England

Miss England
Courtesy| Miss England 2021 -Rehema Muthamia

Rehema Muthamia was at the end of August crowned Miss England 2021 in a glamorous event held at the events centre at Midlands city.  The 25-year old was crowned Miss England in a glittering ceremony in Coventry which left many Kenyans proud.

Her win was made possible by the Miss All African Colors category, a contest she won this year in February. The competition which was created with the sole purpose of increasing the representation of minority ethnic women gave her a slot in the Miss England Finals competition which she later on emerged as the winner.

She stated that she was motivated to enter the competition after escaping an abusive relationship, a fact she revealed in her acceptance speech. In addition, she remarked that she will use her platform to raise awareness on domestic abuse and advocate for increased representation of ethnic minorities within the Science field. She is now set to represent England at the 70th Miss World in Puerto Rico.

2. Miss Kenya 2021

The gorgeous and captivating Sharon obara was on August 28th crowned Miss Kenya 2021 in a colorful event held at the Trademark Hotel. She will represent the country in Miss world in Puerto Rico at the global competition which was won by Miss South Africa, Zobinzi Tunzi in 2019 to become the first black woman to win the competition since Leila Lopes in 2011.

In her future prospects with being Miss World Kenya, she hopes to create awareness around mental health issues especially with the onset of the pandemic. She takes over the title of Miss World Kenya after her predecessor Maria Wavinya who was crowned Miss World Kenya in 2019.

Sharon Obara
Courtesy| Miss World Kenya 2021, Sharon Obara.

3. Uniformed by a Burqa
Imagine if all women in Kenya would be ordered to wear the same attire by a dictatorial regime?
In Afghanistan, the Taliban have put it as a cardinal rule for all women to wear the ‘Burqa’. A Burqa is a full body garment that covers a woman from head to toe and only allows a mesh eyepiece that offers the viewer a blinkered view of the world.

The Islamist/ militant group’s recent takeover in the country has seen the rise in the prices of Burqas in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. This is as a result of the demand by the Taliban that all women must wear a burqa at all times. Many women fear the risk of being flogged if they are found wearing western style clothing therefore creating a high demand for the ‘Taliban’ burqas.


Blue Burqas
Courtesy| Women in blue burqas.

4. Do-rags Craze ( written as Do-rag pronounced as /du-rag/)
A Do-rag is a fashion accessory that has a long history in black culture. It was first worn by black men who made waves and maintained them.

In the early 2000s, with the Advent of Hip-hop, durags were such a trend and their influence was spread by rappers like 50 cent, Nelly and Eminem. After then, they slowly sunk into oblivion, until recently when they have been reinvented back to style-fashion. Most guys believe, they add a certain gangster, razzle-dazzle to their looks hence the towering liking.

Courtesy| A pink do-rag on a young black man’s head.

5. A “drip” conscious Generation Z

Generation Z are the people born as from 1999 onwards. This generation is characterized by individuality, expressing oneself and giving off a little bit of culture shock value.

The Gen Z  generation has greatly revolutionized the Fashion scene. From the dyeing of hair with unconventional hair colors such as green, blue, brown and red, to bold piercings in their noses, multiple piercings on the ears and on the belly and finally to breaking gender conforming outfits. They are the outstanding generation that are not afraid to confidently showcase their art, talent, individuality and diversity through their sense of fashion and style.

Dyed Hair
Courtesy| Dyed Hair-Generation Z




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