When life passes you by,
The feeling is slow, unquenched and thirsty for more time,
You are always late, always procrastinating or always making up excuses.
You rarely show up and if you do
You do it in African grandeur: late.
You slowly look for things to replace your unrequited wants and needs
Hoping from one place to the other.

Fotophreak Magazine| Procrastination!!

Hoping that the clock won’t clock that O’clock
You simply refuse to face your goals because the dopamine behind your brains
Can’t get enough of this addictive ‘cocaine’.
You sleep on the couch, hungry, tired, smelly, burnt out, drunk, blunt
Waking up to a new dawn
But question is do you ever realize it’s a new dawn because truth be told
You have had so many new dawns
The only difference being that they are no different. It is the next dawn.
Your life starts at midday and ends past midnight and here you are
Lousily wondering how the month ended so quickly.
Now look at the year ending,
No goals met, no life lived, no growth achieved because at the end of the day,
You were that potato couch at 3.00 a.m., the same one at 2. 00p.m
Procrastination being the thief of your time,
And here you are trying to control life
When life needs you to reboot, restart and rearrange your settings!!!!



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