I am talking to you African woman
Fight for your title and respect you have to earn
So get out of your lonely cave
Fight courageously and be brave

Write that book you’ve been longing to
Sign that deal
Get those company shares not one or two
Now tell me how do you feel
Like a damn boss your dreams are in view
And visions so real

Get the CEO post of that prestigious company
You can go past the clouds believe me honey
Get that glow
Allow yourself to grow
Give them that African look they’ve never seen before
Be proud of that Melanin so dark
Be proud when they shout and call you black
Because in that skin tone there’s nothing you lack
Be proud of your skin smooth and so fair
And on your head,God given crown, your perfect hair
Don’t let anyone unleash any of your layer
Stand tall with your head high and visions do clear

Blow that fashion runaway
Conquer that stage
Wear that dress red,black,white or grey
Because you look beautiful in whatever no matter your age
You are an African woman you’re a queen
Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise
Just shine and rise



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