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I’d like to express my gratitude to Emma Cheruto, whose influence on my life in 2023, and possibly even the year before, has been significant. Have you ever experienced the profound connection that comes from discovering a new song? Whether it’s playing on the radio or part of a DJ mix, there’s something magical about feeling completely alive and in love with the music. It’s as if the song was tailor-made for you, speaking directly to your emotions. However, the challenge arises when you’re unable to recall the artist or song title, only remembering the catchy chorus. You embark on a quest to uncover the song’s identity, scouring through pages of search results until you finally find it. Once discovered, you find yourself playing the song on repeat for days, completely losing yourself in its lyrics and beats. Have you ever curated a playlist so impressive that everyone who listens to it is in awe, asking about the artists and songs they’ve never heard before? It’s a remarkable feeling, isn’t it?

The genesis of my idea to write this article resonated from a perspective of, we have so many artists and music and so little time, like how do the playback radio station still play songs from other countries, I identify new artists every day.


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So sometime early this year, was just scrolling down on twitter when I found Emma Cheruto had posted those monthly photo dumps, I liked the one she was in some orange top and blue shorts, in the picture, she radiated vibrant energy and seemed like a lighthearted person who is on twitter for a good time, my kind of people. So I hit the follow button and I’m embarrassed to say this but imagine that I found out not only is she an artist but a skilled and talented one. So I became a fan and ever since I have fully immersed myself in the newfound appreciation for her music. Love me featuring Charisma deserved more limelight cause that was some art. The video was as lit as the audio, the production and the vocals were all top notch. Touching on my baby featuring Muthaka was also amazing.

I felt like it could have been more but I can’t know art better than the artist. Remember Shakira featuring Beyonce, yeah Muthaka and Emma can match that talent, both have the attitude and the material. I think they should work on something this year. Emma has not done a lot of songs but she is going to be a powerhouse diva, unique and diverse vocals, keep an eye on her. I hope she has upcoming releases, because she promises a fresh perspective in the industry.

Have you listened to Emma Cheruto music before. What do you think about her music and how would you rate it out of 10? Let us know in the comments down below.



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