that morning he woke up feeling like Adam after eating the forbidden apple. He woke up late not wanting to meet his eyw with Dama. The robber of his innocence . He went to his mothers place where he was to spend the day. That afternoon he visited Eugene his primary school classmate. They shared a lot of good times talking about their experience in high school . Jared later left Eugene’s place at two o’clock,he passed by Gladys place not to say hi but just to see her and feel contented . He had always had a crush on her but lacked the guts to tell her. He passed by and was lucky she had a lot of time that Jared felt appreciated . That night he went home a happy person. Jared went to his mother, took some time with his little brother, and had a good time before leaving that night. He went directly to the house. He tried to avoid Dama but she was quick to respond ,she called him. Jared fearfullly went in but good riddance his namesake and Dama’s half brother was in. They stayed in the house and the rapport was good . By nine they had taken supper and Jared had to go to sleep. It was a very long day for Jared. He had to rest but amidst his previous events his crush for Gladys did melt everything. It was just the other holiday that his mother got his love letter to Gladys. It was his first love letter . It read something like,” To ,you Gladys my love ,my love for you is indescribable. You despite compliment my life but complete it…….”,it was a long letter that ended with a description of how good her name was,”Good looking -Lovely-Adorable-Deligent-Young-Sexy “. His parents got hand over this letter but Jared spent the whole day away from home. Surprisingly nobody questioned him and no such letter reached Gladys ,what a bother? He remembered that and how Gladys had been so good to him today. He walked to his bed happy that he was winning over his crush off to sleep and fantasize himself with in the dreamland.



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