The Fotophreak Model of the Week


The next day Jared went to his mother’s place . He found no one but only the house keys safely kept beneath a flower vase by the doorstep, this is where he found them when no one was around. He got into the house and began cleaning. He later went to Church. The Holy Cross Catholic Church. This is where he was moulded. Sister Mary a Nigerian nun had scripted a reminder in his heart,” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” This was his self drive. The church was just meters away. He was early for the second mass. He shook hands with Dianah and several friends who were coming from the first mass. He got into the church, bowed to the Holy Virgin went and sat behind Tracy his crush now a class eight Taita girl and knelt to pray. He had issues with his Almighty ,why were things falling apart? The mass went on peacefully, it was almost Advent so preaching called on everyone to draw high to God. Jared was keen after offertory and saw Sarah a former schoolmate but she noticed her not. He was suprised that he felt nothing shaking Tracy’s hand as a sign of peace. After mass he walked home still in thoughts. But as he went home,he heard someone call him it was Tracy. Jared had never spoken a word with her expect that he always went to sit behind her,he always smiled at her while showing sign of peace and always helped her when he found her doing he church chores. She rushed towards the now flabbergasted Jared. She then asked,”What’s wrong Jared ,I see your not okay,please,I don’t like seeing you this way.” A chill ran down Jared’s spine he for once felt enthusiastic about life forget about Gladys,Tracy now held him transfixed there. He looked at her,she looked as if she was wet in her eyes. It was a mercy look full of passion. Behold in her eyes Jared saw an ocean of love ready for him to swim in sink and drown till its infinite end. She got close looked at him and burst into tears she then said, “Jared trust me,just tell me whats disturbing you . Am here to calm your storm, anchor your ship of destiny by my harbor. If you don’t, I will capture it like a Caribbean pirate and sail it away so that if there is an iceberg we sink in a titanic way. If we get into adventurous ways together, I may be shocking to you but you must appreciate communications mean a lot to me. I have developed a liking for you,Please tell me you feel the same for me.” Jared was shocked but he just pulled her closer kissed her lips then looked into her eyes and said ,”I love you” He did not know what to say. He promised her back love but told her something new . He was to go upcountry where his brother was. He did not know how long but he hoped fate would never let them go separate ways forever. Their love had just grown but they had to agree that fate always had its way in every life-tale. He walked away holding her by his side until they came to Tracy’s house. Here they parted in an emotional way Tracy crying. Jared then walked home it was on reaching home that he felt a tear drop in his eyes. It was the pain of separation.



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