It is almost seven when Jared arrives home but unlike the other days their house looks peculiar. His thoughts are now spinning trying to establish why only his father is home in an almost but deserted house; where could be his mother and his two siblings. He however shuns any inquisitive behavior and gets into their three roomed bedsitter, now almost an empty room. He looks at his father who receives him cordially. He looks weak but rises up, welcomes him like his returned prodigal son and warmly embraces him.He takes his sons luggage and then shows him to the sofa. Some minutes later; Dama, the girl next door knocks. She seems to be the only remaining daughter in the family. She also welcomes Jared and says she’ll be coming later to cook for them. Jared is totally confused. Where could be the rest of his family?…But in his unsatisfied heart he is sure things will unfold. At almost eight after Dama has brought them supper, his mother arrives; she greats him but seems brief. She asks Jared to accompany her to their new residence. He his hesitant but his father asks him to go. He however says he will go only under the condition that he returns to sleep at his father’s. Indeed, his mother has moved on but not far from home. She has taken every asset that was in the house save the bed, wardrobe and sitting room table. Jared stays for a while at his new mother’s residence with his younger brother after being told his other his other brother is upcountry. He decides to head back to his father’s place after a short thirty minutes but still full of thoughts. Yes, he was aware that his parents have fought before but not not this extent. What about his education,what about his fate and destiny. Was he heading homewards or was he leaving home? What would have possibly led to this divorce? and who was to blame? Was this a new dawn or a sunset in their family but with a bitter unfolding? But then Jared had to confront life at it’s biter end . The journey just began…



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