Let me start by saying in high school, they told us a lot about campus life in Kenyan universities; most of which I must say turned out to be lies, depending on which campus you chose to go to. Life in different campuses is interesting in their own ways, so let me give an experience of my own.
Once you make entry a any private or public university in Kenya, here are examples of people you are likely to meet:

1.The loud mouth.
They can be of either gender. He or she is most likely not liked by almost everyone in the school because of their loud nature. These kinds of people have a tendency to make their presence known wherever they go. Once they enter a building, they must shout their heads off. These guys tend to have a group of people surrounding them all the time. They are all a nuisance to people who love their peace and quiet. To others they are an entertainment.

2. The smart fellow.

They come in two types. The quiet one who no one ever knows how smart they are, because they never participate in class, you’ll never come across them going to the library; but when cat results come they are always at the top. The other type is the loud one. This one lets everyone know that he or she is very smart. He or she will answer all or most of the questions in class. He or she will submit work and assignments even before the deadline. Most Kenyans will call them ‘kiherehere’ which means know it all. They will always ask questions especially when the lecture is about to conclude so we can have extra time. He or she knows almost everything and will not hesitate to show you that they are pretty knowledgeable.

3. The politician.
He or she may or may not be an elected student leader, but they probably know everything there is about politics at campus level, national and international level. You’ll always find this character ranting about one or two things they don’t find appealing in the leadership system of the campus. These characters are always aspiring to ascend into national politics soon after campus and they are usually very loud about it. This character is an interesting fellow because he’s ever talking and ready to converse with anyone willing to listen.

4. The diva.
This one is a female. She is the most stylist person you may ever come across. She always has the prettiest clothes. Her make up is always on fleek. She is hot and pretty according to popular belief. She has a large social media following and is very influential. She has a clique of her own,which she incorporates into her behaviour and stylish nature. Everyone wants to hang around her. Every girl wants to learn how to be like her. She stands out wherever she goes and has massive confidence. She is every girl’s dream and most male students want to get to date her somehow.

5. Party monster.
The party monster is always willing to party. They always attend all the lit parties, hold tonnes of house parties and love clubbing. He or she is always hyper and ready to attend a party. The party monster is always a phone call away and they too, mostly become the life of the parties they attend.

6. The rich kid.
This character basically has all the things he or she could ever wish for and more. Money is not a problem to this fellow. Only a phone call and he or she has any amount of money they want. Such people don’t even eat at the school canteen, cafeteria or the eateries around the school. This fellow will prefer to go to the famous Kentucky fried chicken to have lunch. They most likely pay other students to have their project or assignments done for them since they are not used to the hard part of life. This fellow will have the latest iPhone, the latest shoes, latest fashion and the latest electronics including a fridge at his house outside the school.

7. The lone wolf.
There is this person who is always alone, comes to class alone and probably very early just to avoid attention (late comers tend to get a lot of attention especially from the lecturer). He or she never has a group of friends and not many people know about them either. Most of the time you’ll find them eating alone at the furthest corner inside the hall. He or she will spend a free day most probably in the hostel listening to music and sleeping; and dislike human interaction and public places. The only public place this character is in most of the time is the lecture hall. He or she will even go to an eatery after almost everyone else has gone just to have some time alone.

A Typical Day of Campus Experience in Kenyan Universities: Can you relate ?
A Typical Day of Campus Experience in Kenyan Universities: Can you relate ?

8. The hustler.
The hustler is always on hot pursuit for money. Always selling something. If not a used phone, then some clothes. The hustler will even offer to do assignments for other students just to get money. People admire their entrepreneurial nature. Everything to them is sell-able, even his previous semester’s notes. He or she is liked by many people because this is one of the qualities of a good salesman.

9. The musician.
The musician is always singing and you’ll find the fellow always writing more and more songs. They always stay around music students, go to the music school and makes friends with music lecturers. They always want to pursue music in the near future and they are passionate about this path. Some of them do a different course and will get most of you wondering why they did not take music in the first place.

10. The foodie.
You never lack that one person who is always eating. In class you’ll find this character with a mug carrying juice or something edible. You’ll get this character going to the hostel with packed food and always has a particular liking for junk food. You’ll always find them at the snack bar getting loads of junk food to eat later. He or she has to have something edible within their reach. When you pay them a visit at the hostel, their room is filled with food. Be it cake, a box of biscuits, milk and many other things. His or her room is like a mini food store.


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