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dear DIARY


Things quickly turned sour with my darling. Well, not sour exactly, more of comfortable which of course he did not approve. You see I was in love, I would have done anything for this man which is exactly what I was doing. I would go to his house, find his clothes dirty and wash them right away, same with the dishes and the house. Basically I had turned myself into a wife. At the time it was a good idea, he treated me like a queen constantly bragging to his friends about me so why not? I remember wondering how someone so loving could have been single, it was God’s miracle I guessed.
The day my wife status began to plummet was when I slowly stopped being his queen. Yes he acknowledged me as his girlfriend but the little things began to stop. No more woman crush Wednesdays or walking me to the stage, the important things you know? He told me not to steal myself and instead wait for him to steal me, it made sense. But I wasn’t his wife anymore, I was his girlfriend. It was time for me to act like a girlfriend then, I was released from my duties. But as usual it wasn’t what he wanted, the day I didn’t wash his clothes I was received with hostility like none I had seen before.
He told me of how much I was an embarrassment to him. His friends and family had told him how lazy I was and I was not the typical ‘wife material’. So what had I been doing the past five months of my life? I cooked and cleaned my heart out for you and all of a sudden I am not wife material? God I hated that term! I was devastated, confused and hurt. So I did what I thought was right, I washed his clothes.
I washed his clothes, cleaned his house and cleaned up the dishes. He thanked me and told me not to let it get that far again. I thought it was cruel of him but I was hooked on his every word. I seemed his approval and love and without it, I was nothing.



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