I still remember you
The big sister that never was
The neighbors daughter
So pretty a girl
But you were always the big siz
You even pinched off my naughty me
Dama the pretty neighbors daughter
Your mother was not only a neighbor but a family friend
So between us respect was Paramount
But to me I still had a crush
Then the fateful day
Both my parents and yours traveled to I don’t know where
Now was to be under your guardianship
I was the the boy so shy
So I could not make a move so sly
Soon it was daybreak then night
My pride could not allow me to get into your home
But hunger is above all
I decided to get into the house
So shyly
You served me a meal
Then soon our eyes on the soap opera
‘Storm Over Paradise’
By then her head was on my lap
She caressed me smoothly as my blood was getting hot
She called me many sweet names
For once one of my many dreams was coming true
Remember I had a crush
This continued and when things went into the other side of the line
I lost my innocence
I lost it
But I don’t regret it
I hear Dama is married
She conceived later
The child is my look alike
But only Nicholas and Aymar of Storm Over Paradise
Can tell the story
I summarize with these
I lost my innocence



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