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“Love is blind but you need to open your eyes ,Frank what else do you want Amalia to do that will clearly indicate that she is taking you for granted? , love is all about trust but if this doesn’t exist here then war won’t be a new word in your life. It’s just the other day Amalia left you standing at showground in the midst of your respected friends. Today, she is hanging up your call without any evidence that you are toying with her feelings ,this is not insecurity nor jealousy ,it is nonsense but it seems your senses ain’t working Frank? Am fed with this petty cases,” Richie said ,and walked out of the room ,”Richie ,Richie,Richie,” I shouted but he gave me his shoulders.

I went to our sitting room and started going through our chat with Amalia ,what did Amalia mean by hanging up my call?,does this mean this is the end of everything? ,but she loves me ,she is now controlled by Anger, this rhetoric tormented my mind ,the place I was, turned to be a hell on earth..

Where will I start now, the only person that can help me reach Amalia is Whitney but I don’t have her number. Amalia declared war between me and her and left us without making us reconcile. Amalia’s beauty is my weakness and I think that is why ,am so much into her that I can’t just let go of things. She is my priority not a choice. I have to fight for her… I won’t let this day end before talking to her… I must do this,she will probably make conclusions that I don’t care and this can be a reason for our break up…
I took my phone and called Natalia to see if she can help me ,but I won’t tell her about the betrayal. She might hate me for life and am not ready to be hated by her because she is a loyal person. She doesn’t deserve betrayal. I scrolled down my phone book and pressed the call button.
Without any hesitation Natalia picked my call…

“Hello ,Frank ,how are you ?” Am fine Natalia but I need your help ,Will you please help me reach Amalia?” . “Noooo Frank keep me out of this shit, Amalia texted me yesterday and she was calling me all sort of names that she can pronounce in terms of insults ,just deal with your girl alone exclude me here” she hanged up the call .
Had Amalia called Natalia and insulted her? This is now getting out of control, it is not fate I can still handle it ,I decided to call Amalia and explain everything to her and apologize despite of being innocent here. She didn’t receive my call for almost three times but finally she picked it,..
“Hello Amalia …….”

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