The Fotophreak Model of the Week

“Frank your phone is ringing ,hurry up before the call ends ” Richie told me , “Who is calling?”, I asked feeling irritated. We had had issues with Amalia yesternight ,my head is fully loaded with a lot of rhetoric questions. What have I done again , if it is about status ,nothing happens , I deleted all chats she didn’t see any of them.

Either way am loyal to this self-centered XX chromosome. I gathered the courage and picked the call it is Amalia again ,”Hello sweetheart” she said ,I know this lady. she is led by ego and am also led by this, it’s only that we are in love and this feeling doesn’t need this shit. We need to lower our ego and use our IQ otherwise this love might end before our dreams are accomplished. “I love you”, she continued, “but babe who is Natalia?”, she pressed the complain button. My inner self started communicating with other senses. I didn’t delete my chat with Natalia and this is where the rain started beating me.

I had no option but to face the reality and shield my friendship with Natalia. How will I do this… I will probably betray her now and quickly place her in the friend zone.
A jealous girlfriend is a faithful girlfriend, how true is this sentiment but Amalia is faithful. She is Selfish too. She so personal, she owns me . My friends are not her friends, she is colonized by her principle “It is me and you Frank ,not me and your cousins ,neither is it me and your friends ,it is our love affair darling “…

She is my favourite persona ,this one I can’t lie , with Amalia I can go beyond the stars without wings. She got everything that a woman is suppose to possess, her current affairs got no comparison, her future is so bright leave alone her past events. Every man admires this cutie, “I’m comfortable with you Amalia”, I said to her, but Amalia was so furious with me she couldn’t give me time to explain what exactly my chat and Natalia meant. “She is just my friend…” and before I proved myself innocent she hanged up the call ,
“Richie ,she is mad at me again ,how will Amalia know that I’m loyal to her? Other girls are just my friends ,” I told Richie . I need to meet Amalia before the day ends so that we can solve this shit for once ……

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