The Fotophreak Model of the Week

how is a man suppose to approach a Lady,, And specifically this type of a Lady called crush? We all need love and affection,  We all have this thing in common But my question is “what controls feelings? ”
Cause we cant fall in love with anyone Who is related to us
Today AM not talking fictions or fantasies
Am talking of of things that happen in real life
Some Will conclude my question rhetoric and some will definitely give an answer
Just place yourself in any place but I will definitely place you where I need
I got this one Free advise to all ladies, always ask yourself how long it took that Gentleman to gain confidence and appreciate the work of God,the beauty in you
I  dislike calling this crush these names,
Baby cause í cant Babysit this adult
Hunny cause cause she is a human and can excrete sweat, sweat cant be sweet
Neither could í call her sweet she is probably more expensive than a sweet
Could it be blasphemy if I call her God sent
Yes,it can be she can probably betray me some point in life
And she cant die for me like how the son of man did
It happens that she is my favorite mistake
I  prefer calling her this ,she is a mistake that I will repeat even if the punishment is to end my life
My vibe line started í knew they will work, But this time business is not as usual
The first reply could tell she is a different woman
She got rules that has besiege her life not easily convinced
Let me call her Zipporah  ,this is a real life story 😂😂But the name is hidden ..
My vibe lines continue as we sip our Coffee,
I  thought she is a different woman ,
“I like you Zipporah ” as a man í started promising heaven and probably the Last time we had a conversation with Sir God I can’t remember
I promised to love her to infinity and beyond
But the obvious answer from a woman killed my vibe
“Frank all Men are the Same “she said 🙆🏿‍♂
Who Will tell Zipporah, that the only common thing in Men is the Y-chromosome the rest can’t be ,
But still this wont make Frank loose hope in Zipporah, I should fight this war up to  the end of the tunnel
“Zipporah if all Men are the Same Who told you to try all of them ?”
You could have waited for me first before using different litmus papers to conclude Men as equal,
Another conclusion ladies make when they get hurt by Men
“all Men are dogs ” and when we call you a Bitch it becomes an insult like seriously how can this be an offense
I  won’t Accept Zipporah to defeat me here, I wont let go of this we agreed to meet again and reach a conclusion.
I  love Zipporah but time will ……



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