I am now currently dressed
in it, the shirt is orange in color and it makes me feel blessed.
It has black buttons which are 3 in number and are found at the top
of the shirt, I received this shirt from my brother in late 2018 and it came from the shop.
My brother bought the shirt but he bought it for me.
So he decided to treat me

well because he has a heart that makes
him do so, I will remain in the shirt unless the wind shakes
it off from my body. The shirt has short hands
which go from the shoulder to the middle of the bicep but it has glands
which are not mammary
The shirt has a collar just like any other shirts but it is not a granary

so don’t confuse its buttons for grains.
The shirt is fit for completing it with gold chains
What makes the shirt unique is the fact that
it is orange in color
It closely resembles Carla
from the transporter series 2012

but now we are in 2019
so I need to start dressing like a teen.
That means that I should put on shirts
which have a color that resembles movie characters that don’t sleep like bats.
By that I mean that they work extra hard and act in the latest films
such as those that come out in 2019 making us have bad dreams.

The bad dreams leave us in screams
so I prefer an orange shirt because
it reminds me of fruits known as oranges because
I rarely afford them, so if I can afford a shirt,
how comes I can’t afford oranges yet they are cheaper than the shirt?
The shirt will come from my body in the evening when I arrive home.

Where does the shirt live? Where is it’s home?
It lives in color orange and that is why it is an orange shirt.
When it becomes old, it should not be used like a doormat.
But it can still remain at the door
that is if I am standing at the door
while putting on the orange shirt.

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