The Fotophreak Model of the Week

In the morning,
I was roaming.
I was alone.
Now, am still alone.
Should I throw a stone?
Right now am not alone.

I have cold weather with me.
But I am lonelier inside me.
I am inside the house and I can’t go out.
Loneliness is something I can’t go without.
It sticks with me like superglue.
I hold my cheeks.

I am waiting for the chicks,
For them to hatch, it will take 2 weeks.
I just finished ironing my clothes
Thank God they are not lonely.
If they were, they will be me because I am lonely.
When the loneliness is gone, I will still be the loner.

If I talk,
Loneliness will talk.
Because I am loneliness,
Nevertheless, it won’t be less.
I am trying to avoid loneliness.
Hunting for comfort like a lioness.

But the lioness is at least
because it has a list
of the types of meats
that it eats.
The only thing that I eat
is loneliness.

I should probably eat the
lioness so that I can eat the
meat that is inside it, that is
better than eating loneliness.
I am writing this alone because
I go through loneliness alone and with force.



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