The Fotophreak Model of the Week

I drove in a rush
To the florist
To buy a rose
A red rose
It was valentine
And I had a real classic date
I had made a stopover to buy a rose
Just to complement my romance
Just as I got into the shop
I was met with a small boy
He followed me in
And he looked admiringly at the flowers
He looked like an urchin
But his eyes glimmered with some sense of self confidence
This is what always discerned him I thought
He called me
“Buy me a rose also ,I want yo tale it to mama,”
I had liked this boys
Self confidence
And without hesitation
I picked a rose
And gave him
He rushed out
And minutes
Before I was out
He was back and
Apologised for not saying sorry
He was off again
He rey impressed me
Then I coughed off my engine
Minute later
I saw the boy at a distance
In a cementry
I stopped and headed to him
I found him there
A rose on s grave
He pointed gladly at it
And said
“This where my mama stays,”
I was sorry for him
I Aldo laid my rose there and left in tears
Change of plan
I was now not going
For a date
I went back to the florist
Bought a rose
A rose for mama
I headed home
I found a crowd at home
I was shocked
But they meant nothing
I want mama
She that saw me rarely
I wanted to appreciate her
I got quickly in the house
Only to find mama laying still
She had slipped while trying to reach a glass
Only if I was around
I bitterly got out
I was going back
To look for the not
Thank him
For letting me what
It meant to have a mama
Then tell him we are equal
Then like him
I shall always buy
A rose for mama



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