People say love comes and goes…
I say let the truth be known…
We have several types of love;
for our children,
and friends,
but there is a gentle love
that I call my best friend.

I’ve been fortunate enough to love or I thought it was…
until I met a guy that showed me who a a best friend is..
He taught me how to laugh, cry,
and showed me how to feel again.
Many things can make me happy, many things can make me smile,
many things can make life wonderful and you best friend make it all seem so worthwhile.

Dear Best Friend
Dear Best Friend| Fotophreak Magazine

But nothing makes me happier than the special friend I’ve found.
In the short time that I have met you, I’ve soon come to know
how special you are to me, much more than you could ever know.
Whenever we’re together, my life feels so complete.
I feel so blessed with fortune that we got the chance to meet.
You really are so nice your smile could light the meek.

If I had only one wish, then I know what that would be.
I’d wish that how I feel for you is how you’d feel for me.
If my wish were ever to come true, this vow I make to you.
I’d cherish you ’til the end of time and always be there for you.
I’d care and protect you and never let you down.
I’d be your rock in those times that you need someone around.

I’d stand by you through bad times and keep you safe from harm.
I’d be you’re guardian angel, and you’d be my good luck charm.
Life would be a great adventure with you there by my side,
building memories of happiness as I hold your hand with pride.

And as time slowly slips away and we’re growing old with grace,
I’d still adore you just as much as when I first saw your face.
If this seems like a crazy dream, well maybe that is true,
but my dream became reality the day I met you.
I know life isn’t always fair; we can’t always have our way,
but maybe time will play a hand, so I’ll live in hope… someday.

So live your life; be happy and may good things come your way.
May you realize your hopes and dreams as life goes by each day.
And as we travel through our lives,
with new adventures to be found,
just remember this old friend here because I’ll always be around.
And wherever life may take you and no matter where or when,
your special place within my heart will be there until the end.
@okioga Faith



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