The young man
The one that used to stay by your doorstep
The Lazarus that always waited for crumbs
But out of humanity you brought bread
You did not see me as a beggar
You even sneaked home an hour and came to me
Spent time in my polythene mansion
Moments ghetto life mixed with Porsche life
But you always saw greatness in me
You went against the will of friends and family
And cherished an outcast
You gave me hope
And encouraged me to go on in my artistic spirit
Every piece of my art
You attributed it to success
Saw a Leornado Da Vinci in me
You were my fortress of hopes
Held them sky high
And fend off my enemies
And anyone that stood on my way
Yes! You did before you flew away
To the far land
To further your studies
I know you are back
I saw you yesterday
You looked beautiful as always
You looked to have moved on in life
But I heard you single and searching
I saw you move in the same manner you did
I also heard that you are looking for me
But how come you never noticed me
Now unlike my daily trekking
Its me in a Mercedes Benz
Now unlike my polythene mansion
Now its my huge mansion
Now unlike my daily begging
Now am a loan giver
That’s why you could not notice
Me in my new me
There is something I never got a chance to say
My hidden secret
Every timeI saw you smile
Every moment I saw you dance
I developed a liking
A liking for your cleavage
A liking for your presence
A liking for you
A liking for your smile and bewitching gap
Now am back
I am owe you a lot in return
But more and more
I still have one more thing to beg from you
Let me develop my liking for you into love
Let me love you
The poor beggar you helped
Now am rich in hearty matters
The society that rejected me adores me
Because of the cash
But you appreciation was and has always being unconditional
Let me return the favor
For indeed
I didn’t forget



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