I shall live to sing a song
A song of love lost
I shall tell a tale
A tale of love lost in the wind
All because of one important one
A friend and more than a friend
I can not even tell your second name
But I can tell of our good times
A decade ago
While were still young in school
You a new girl in school
From the famous Msufini academy
You became my crush
Love words I could not tell
I only spent good times with you and took time to fantasize
You showed affection back
Always waited in the evening for me
We went home in the same direction
You would buy me junks sometimes
A thing that arouse suspicious jealous among female classmates
You and I had were no deterred
You were my tall citadel
I enjoyed school life thanks to you
One day you were no more
Your absence could be told by the empty locker
It went on a week
Then it drew Mr Patrick’s attention
He the send me to your home
That evening after school
I went there and asked the neighbours
Who were hesitant but told your family shifted back to Tanga
Now that I learnt of your Tanzanian origin
Next I learnt something you always his
Even from your confidant
That your mother suffered from ca ncer
Mr.Patrick told this might have led to the shift
My thought were now haunted
No wonder you always thanked me for appreciating you
No wonder you looked low sometimes
Am glad I cheered you up
Made you forget sorrows for sometime
Many years are gone
I don’t know much about you since then
I still miss you
Do you still exist
What became of your mother
And little brother you so loved
I still search for you to date
If any of you sees Khadija
Tell to remember
Her Kenyan friend
That she left without goodbye
If your mother was brought down by cancer
A wreath I shall bring
If she survived
A rose I shall bring
But all in all
Come back to me
Just one more time



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