After few minutes Jared is back . Jr finds his father getting ready for a journey. He takes his time then asks him where he is going . His father readily tells him that it is business and that though he will be back soon Jared should take courage and be fearless,he is told to be free with Damage and be spent morning to evening hours at his mothers place. This is not a bad idea and now he has only one task. He has to gunner guts to stay alone in a room within the same plot where they lived as a family. Jared while still in deep thoughts leads his father to the bus stop. On return he finds Dama waiting for him. She calls him at their place. Jared hesitantly goes in,he a form two student thinks a rapport with Dama almost in her mid twenty’s can exist. But honestly Jared despite this he has always had an hidden crush for her. He got in ,and for the first time just like him at Dama’s place she was alone her mother had traveled and she was the only one home. They then got into the house and sat on the sofa watching The Reunion a soap opera. While still seated Dams changes position then makes Jared lie on her lap. This scares Jared but he anticipates the next move. As they get engrossed in the soap and talks . Dams lowers her head on Jared and gives Jared a kiss,his first kiss ever. Not believing this unexpected move, Jared asks for a another. Dama doesn’t think twice and they soon get engaged in more and deeper kissing leaving Jared really confused . But the major point now is that he has to take one step at a time…



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