The Fotophreak Model of the Week

puzzling title right? I bet. But come to think of it, there is always one in our lives, we encounter them every day and we miss them every day. Not because we want to miss them, heck, not because we want to encounter them but because nature is embroidered in such a way that there are always open doors in our lives; as others close, new ones open; but   often are times we focus so much on the pain cause by the closed door that we end up being blind to the open door right before us: and that’s how we miss opportunities to better jobs, new and better relationships and more fruitful ventures. Dare I ask; why then do we miss these new open doors?

Personality immaturity is one of the main reasons why we end up missing these new opportunities. These may be in form of personal differences; desires and needs. Many of us rely so much on what the society says about us to point up direction to our lives. We focus so much on what the society dictates for us that we forget what we truly have a passion in or what we are truly good at. You have been told so many times that you are great one thing that you discard what you have talent in, not because you want to, but because there is that need to conform to what the society is pleased with; then you miss the opportunity to grow, to grow the being in you, in your own right. Sometimes we despise ourselves so much that failure becomes engraved in our fates. We fail once, twice even ten times then we forget that the best move slowly, the best have scars on their knees; scars from pulling themselves up after falling down: after all, what defines a mature personality is the ability to get back up when the world pulls you down.

Past pains, betrayal and disappointments often make us paint dark any present and future opportunities especially in friendships and intimate relationships. We place a general judgement on the whole due to a pain caused by a fraction, which many times seems so unfair, considering that not all opportunities will end up badly. One thing we have to realize as the 21st century generation is that, for you to be a complete individual; in character and personality, you have to experience everything. You have to experience pain so that you can learn to appreciate happiness when you finally find it.You have to experience betrayal so that you can learn to appreciate loyalty when it comes your way.These are the aspects that define humanity; these are the aspects that make the aesthetics of humanity. We miss new open doors because we fail to learn from the past, rather we let the past dictate our present and future.

There are personality differences in us. According to psychology, the Four temperaments is a proton-psychological theory that suggests there are four fundamental personality types; sanguine (optimistic and social), choleric (short-tempered or irritable), melancholic (analytical and quiet) and the phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful). Does your personality make you find it difficult to relate with others in the society and thus you end up missing new opportunities and new open doors? Self-evaluation!

When there is a “lack” in us; we tend to focus on our goals and realize open doors. God has put a “lack” in all of us as human beings, realize your lack; only when you do this will you be able to remove the personal shroud that makes you blind to the new open doors in your life.

Behold the open door!!




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