The Fotophreak Model of the Week

that evening Jared’s mother was early to come. She told him to get ready for he was going to the village where his other brother was, well it was good but why was he going to the village when there was a crisis? Jared packed his belonging without questioning . To him every take of life he accepted, Mr.George Orondo his English teacher once told him that life was like a river that meanders into different aspects of the world through valleys of no return and also to the safe havens of happily ever after,that was life that Jared had to accept. He was led by his mother to the “Akamba” booking office. They had being travelling by the Akamba bus ever since and even being at that booking office was a good experience. He was leaving Mombasa town, his home sweet home. He felt a pain in his heart and repeated word of the Angel to the virgin Mary “a sword shall pierce thy soul”, he felt it. Like a sharp hot knife stabbing his heart. Jared looked at the whole Changamwe town almost the locality that meant all to him . From Migadini all to Jomvu then to Kipevu and Chaani this was home and home indeed. But circumstances force many things he waved Hamisi and National housing estate goodbye and got ready to go upcountry. He was going to Bara as they called or Bundu in their slang language but he was not sure of a quick return. He got into the bus which then cocked the engine and off it went.



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