Life is taking a murky road that leads to even darker beliefs and practices.The Son of God should come back already; and get rid of the pity our parents and old folks bestow on the 21st century society. We have completely destroyed all the beliefs and practices that they held dear, all the beliefs that were meant to make life a tad easier. We have completely destroyed all the beliefs that made most of their marriages work, those that made their ways of life worth emulating. We have rather chosen to embrace ideologies that offer a minute of satisfaction and a lifetime of regrets and self-scorn. Social media is marred with pictures of youths “turning up” smoking and taking alcohol, advertising their foul behaviors: funny enough, we comment on these pictures, saying how beautiful they look, praising their speedy descend into moral decay. The Son of God should come back already!

Society applauds mischief and deceit and heckles integrity and faithfulness. The youth praise each other for having multiple partners, “sugar-mummies and daddies”. They are into easy success, they don’t want to work for anything, not forgetting what it took, what some of their parents and guardians had to sacrifice to get them where they are. They tend to be more scared of unplanned for pregnancy than all the sexually related diseases. Unfaithfulness has become the order of the day. Women cheat, men cheat; and they cannot be blamed because the society that raised them fails to instill morals, it fails to teach them to respect the precious human aspect, emotions. The Son of God should come back already! Leaders flourish in corruption and power abuse; but the common citizen is too blind to discern, he allows himself to be bought and misled reelecting leaders that sunk them into international debts, insecurity, poor health services and all the imaginable forms of embezzlement. The Son of God should come back already!

Philosophers say; the man who conquers others is strong, but the one who conquers himself is mighty. There is nothing more precious than self-control because without it, there will be no growth in personality which will translate to every other sphere of life. The society has lost self-control, thus we fail to make changes where it is due, we fail to fight all that need to be fought and we take the easiest route out: to just accept and live with all the tribulations that have taken root in marriages, relationships and life in general. The Son of God should come back already!!



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