Mama I thought I was woman enough to akimbo before you,
Until last night while walking home,
Drowning these memories in the rain,
Biting my lip to transfer the heartache.

How wrong I was,
For a blind holy brute I was,
Yes mama,
I was so innocent and pure,
I had a crush! A rush of womanhood.
It was an accident flash that he took notice.

We flew high making promises with no color,
He made hell sound heaven,a tempting promise of paradise
Beguiling me to believe in fairy tales. Am only human mama!
Playing his favorite game was the height of it,
Singing his name as he danced the tune. I knew ecstasy a high I couldn’t shake for hours.

A lady I was at dusk a woman at dawn,
At the sight of conception
He took his flight saying it was just but infatuation.
Mama he left me to succumb the wrath of our actions.
The aftermath surrealism …

A pain so deep I can not…..Oh!
The disappointment in your eyes, the eyes i have swarm in so much love.
I am broken and scrambled. Lost, with child that I don’t know the As or Bs!
I crawled here in the dark,
To drain my face in my tears to lessen this ache in my chest for wishes are not mine to ride. I am scared Mama!

Oh crumbs!
Mama you knew better not but BEST



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