brandy maina

Brandy Maina is definitely one of the artists I’m truly rooting for as one of the most promising female music artists in Kenya. She has been dropping bangers, and have you watched her live performances? She can sing and dance without missing a beat and note. In her controversial tweet, she said, ‘Unless it’s Nyash, Kinoti, Watendawili, Femi, or Fathermoh, I’m not doing any more collaborations this year. Leave me out of the interviews as well.’ I genuinely love an artist with distinctive standards.

In an interview with Kevin Hart, when Jay Z was asked how he chooses his collaborations, he said relationships with artists and talent are factors. Standards build brands, and Brandy is just trying to curate herself in a certain musical context. I heard the acoustic version of Kubali in one of Grauchi’s mixes, and it stuck in my head. I had to Shazam the song, and surprisingly, it was Brandy. That shows her versatility, so much talent; her voice is so angelic and soothing. Have you ever listened to a new jam and you immediately know the artist? Like I’d know Bahati or Otile in my sleep. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but Brandy is our own Taylor Swift; she can do any genre with ease.

Saweetie’s ‘My Type’ remix featuring City Girls and Jhene Aiko; first time listening to this song, I was so shocked that the first rap verse was Jhene Aiko. I’ve grown listening to her, and I couldn’t tell she could rap like that. That’s what we call art, and that is what Brandy Maina offers. Brandy’s musical portfolio predominantly features mainstream hits, yet you can delve into soulful ‘Kubali’ the acoustic version and good vibes ‘dark skin’ followed by immersing yourself in the artistic depth of her Ep alb The Set,’ and ‘Chaos Poa’. Brandy’s trajectory in the music industry is poised for Grammy recognition.

Have you listened to Brandy Maina before. What do you think about her music and how would you rate it out of 10? Let us know in the comments down below.



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