Top 10 Most Promising Female Music Artists in Kenya in 2024 – Xenia Manasseh


This is my expression of gratitude towards Xenia Manasseh, who significantly influenced my 2023, and perhaps the year before as well. Have you ever listened to a song for the first time either from playback radio or some DJ mix and you just felt alive, fell in love, and it’s like the song was meant for you cause the song just spoke to you and your feelings?
Then you realize you don’t know the artist’s nor the song’s name and you only remember the catchy chorus, so you jump to google the lyrics and after pages and pages of search, you find the lyrics belong to a song that was a background to an episode of some TV series. So you search for all background music and you find it and now you’ve been playing the song for the past two days and you just can’t get enough. You just lose yourself to the lyrics or maybe to the crafty beats.
Have you ever been given the aux and your playlist is just dope songs and everyone keeps asking, “who is that? I can’t believe I’ve never heard of her,” or “where did you get that song?”, Impressive right?

Xenia Manasseh, ladies and gentlemen.
Xenia Manasseh, ladies and gentlemen.

I’ve closely followed the Kenya’s music scene, particularly the female artists, and I must acknowledge that we have some of the finest female artists in the industry. I know you think I mean beauty wise. No, I don’t. Because that would be mentioning the obvious. I’m talking about music creativity, that song that you’ll have on repeat or the first song you’ll play when given the aux cause you damn sure it won’t disappoint. Artists who are from music school of excellence.
Kenyan music scene is amazing, we have artists who are making substantial contribution towards the entertainment industry, music culture being the major factor. So, I decided to share with you my top favorite female artists, artists I’ve been listening to for no reason in particular except that they are so good. These female artists have been lending their voices to the realm of music not for record sales but just as art, inspiring art, music that is fitting all emotions.

1. Xenia Manasseh
She has been making headlines for quite some time now, and its not surprising that she is an alumni of Berklee School of Music. I first learnt of Xenia back in 2020 I think, when she featured in Teyana Taylor’s album and every entertainment article had a piece on her. Lifestyle magazine called her, ‘Kenya’s most talented act’, and I remember I looked her up out of curiosity not knowing she would become one of my most favorite artist. In my 2023 Spotify wrapped, she was my top artist and it’s justified with songs like, ‘I Lay’ featuring Kaien Cruz and Lowkey and Niambie just to mention a few. Xenia Manasseh has this mesmerizing blend of soulful R&b and afro-fusion that is just captivating to listen to. My favorite of her this year was her A COLORS SHOW performance of ‘Wild Ride’ which showcased her vocals and her unique musical prowess. I have had this song on repeat the whole year and I still just can’t get enough. The world should be ready for her, cause she is coming big and she is one of the artists to watch out next year.

Have you listened to Xenia Manasseh before. What do you think about her music and how would you rate it out of 10? Let us know in the comments down below.




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