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The Top 20 Under 25 Models in Kenya is the new, fresh, vibrant and most promising modeling competition in Kenya right now. Fotophreak Magazine seeks to breath more life in the Kenyan Fashion and modeling industry, by highlighting and bringing to the front row all the models who are 25 and below, and are already making moves and headlines in the Kenyan modeling space.

The Fotophreak Research Team has established that more and more young people are venturing into the modeling industry for different reasons, and some have even become full time models. In a bid to appreciate the effort and work being put in by these models to pay their bills, while at the same time sustaining the Kenyan fashion industry, we created the Top 20 Under 25 Models in Kenya competition which is an upgrade from last years’ top 20 Under 20 models in Kenya competition.


  1. Go to Instagram and follow our page @fotophreakmagazine
  2. Post a full length picture of your favorite male or female model and say why you are nominating them/ (ensure the model is 25 years or below!)
    You must be nominated by another person and not yourself. It can be a friend, family, a colleague or even an acquaintance.
  3. Your proposer should then tag your account and the Fotophreak Magazine account @fotophreakmagazine
  4. Put the hashtag #Top20Under25ModelsInKenya
  5. Post his/her nomination and look out for the same post on our page as we wait for the official voting process to begin.

The Official Voting Process will begin after 24th of June after nomination has ended, and we have designed official customized posters for all the participating models.

NOTE: The model you nominate must be 25 years or below and must have been actively modeling at least in the last one year.

The nomination window will be open for 14 days from 10th June to 24th of June 2019. We shall then shortlist all the nominated candidates and officially start the voting process.

NOTE: Any submissions made after the 24th of June will NOT be eligible for consideration.


After you have been nominated for the competition, you can now officially register by filling in and submitting the form below so that we can verify all the nominations and match them to the applicants. Kindly note that the information you enter under the Modeling Portfolio/ History section, will account for upto 50% of the marks awarded. It must be correct, precise and verifiable. Our teams will look keenly into the information and verify all the details.


The selection criteria will depend 50% on the number of votes you get and the remaining 50% on your modeling portfolio.

Votes will be determined by the number of likes and engagement on your post in terms of comments and interaction.

For your modeling portfolio, we shall be looking out for the following:

  1. The number of fashion events you have done. (Both pageant competitions and high fashion events)
  2. The number of commercial brands you have worked with or projects done.
  3. The type and nature of fashion events you have participated in.
  4. Your ranking/ performance in the pageant competitions you have taken part.

Successful nominees and the winner of the competition will be selected by Fotophreak Magazine and its appointed agencies. The decision shall be final.

At the end of the competition, we seek to select the Top 10 Female Models and the Top 10 Male Models, who collectively, will make the Top 20 Under 25 Models in Kenya list. However, we shall also rank and appreciate the Top 20 Under 25 Female Models, and the Top 20 Under 25 Male Models.

The Top Male Model will be crowned the Male Model of the Year 2019 while the Top Female Model will be crowned the Female Model of the Year 2019, and the Face of Fotophreak Magazine.

NOTE: The model you nominate must be 25 years or below and must have been actively modeling at least in the last one year.

For any questions, answers or partnerships, please feel free to contact us on 0729209419 or shoot us an email on



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