The Fotophreak Model of the Week

There’re times I wish to remember
And others I wish to forget
Moments that were high above
Moments that felt suspended in the sky
Those are the days with Amina
She was a wife to me
And her husband I was
My Amina
I miss times with her
And forget my neglect on her
She was humble and patient
When I left her home
Went to have fun away from home
She waited
A decade later
Amina was home
Who can receive me back like Amina
Who can lay me on arms like she did
We spent nights together like never before
But things changed with time
When I carried her sky high
She felt light
When I held her close she time to time cried
She told me she had a headache
She called me love time after time
She never stopped to remind me to take care of our son
A day later she was gone
She slept and never woke
While ransacking her belongings
I saw the purple ribbon
My love had succumbed to cancer
The secret was within my reach
But it was a bitter truth
And a painful loss
Son as you grow up make me proud
Let me celebrate a Jewel from Amina



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