The Fotophreak Model of the Week

Just like those compositions we wrote Jared will never forget this day. While his brother had already joined form one at Muthingihini High School in Kibwezi, he joined form two at the nearby Huduma Secondary school. Life at school was perfect . At school he had few friends; just Lilian a new form three girl from Mulala girls and a few classmates . At home his aunty was good, always did the cleaning for him. Life never felt any good not when life could not give back goodness. Well, the new school was good. Jared was happy when his mother sent some money to his aunt and he also liked the new lifestyle . He especially liked herding while in the company of cattle. He had solitude and he wad able to fantasize.This would be Jared’s new home until God knows when .
Now Jared had learnt and coped up with his new environment. He had no choice but to live like “these Romans”. But his life was categorized with one lifestyle, solitude, little was known about him and few were known to him. He had not seen any need of a new girl or a crush and neither did he attend any church functions. Jared’s greatest company were the cattle. He never missed to go herding. He would go to the bush far from people where he would sit and play a range of music including west life,All 4 one, After seven, Back street boys and other of his favourites. He would go home late. He loved this spree because in solitude he would talk to himself, sing to himself nice songs and even do crazy things. He sometimes thought of Tracy and felt like screaming but he would console himself by saying love has its own ways. This made him wish for end of December. He always prayed the best for his family. To Jared he do simplicity in his lifestyle. It was his new life and surely he would survive.



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