The Fotophreak Model of the Week

The other students were rushing to the assembly ground as Naomi and Juma still shared a word. Naomi was in tears,she felt the pain of losing a friend and a companion. Juma had been that friend that could stand a gun for her but why was life so unfair. She even felt more pain when she remembered of how he had helped her charge back into life and uphold her self-esteem. By now she was no longer the timid girl everyone teased but a courageous person that commanded enough respect. But Juma was to go back to town and she was to remain. Juma tried to convince her to run away with him but she was completely defiant . What he dreaded was the thought of the on coming circumcision ,he could not imagine his Naomi going through this but it was just a matter of time and the clock was ticking…

It’s almost a week after Juma had part with Naomi. Nothing was precious to this governors son like his love for Naomi. He felt so lonely and within the little Span of time he knew he loved her. A week later Juma asked his father a favour that surprised everyone else. He wanted to go back to the village and meet his former classmates and have a farewell party with them. To everyone’s concern the governors son asked for no security. He had a tough time but finally his father was convinced. He had to leave the next day. He had to hurry before his only love was subjected to female circumcision. He woke early and took one of his father’s cars. He chose to drive in order to beat the clock. Juma made no stop until he was there. He was lucky to meet Salma who was in disguise. She was fleeing FGM and she informed Juma that he was late; Naomi had died twenty minutes ago out of bleeding. She wanted to run away. Juma felt a big lump in his heart. He was crying his heart out by now but still asked to be shown where Naomi was buried.



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