I take a journey at my enchanted garden
Nostalgic rule
Memories haunt me
As my eyes are red hot
With tears for you
My fallen heroine Juliet
You said everything would be fine
Told me to get pesa in advance
In readiness for your coming graduation
In the University
Little did I know what fate had in store
We shared a lot on Facebook
That you were about to get into a lucrative job internship
Wow! Such was goodness
Your joy was mine
And mine yours
My greatest confidant
We always stood tall despite the ups and downs
We always watered down battles from enemies
But I wish I knew what this talk would come to mean
We shared a lot that night before wishing each other good night
I wish I knew
I was back on Facebook two days later
The posts that I first met was alarming
It read,”It with deep sorrow we announce the death of Juliet”
This was not true
How could it be
But every friends timeline had the same message
Then the same was confirmed to me by a phone call
That you had died of an headache
So untimely
I took heart
For indeed what would console me
Who would hold back my tears
Who would tell me all is well
Juliet was no more
On 10th February Juliet was to be laid
Six feet away from we that treasured her
A night before I was back at home
To make readiness for the send off
But as was walking
An hearse approached,carrying my beloved
I jumped off to avoid it
A big thorn pricked my foot
Aaah such a pain
Why was the pain of your loss enough
I watched in pain as the hearse moved
Crying not of the pain but for the love of Juliet
Afterward many people tried to remove the thorn
But to no vain
I then decided to go injured
With my foot in pain
That fateful day
Much was told of your humility
How you you were slow to anger
How your goodness almost made a living saint out of you
But we finaly had to decide you are gone
Cover you in soil and walk away in tears
Now two years are gone
But your memory lives on
We will always love you
Cherish you
Remember you
You are a saint
Rest In Peace



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