So here I am, the same situation I was 2 years ago…I had vowed never to love again. Never to accept lies and stupid favors from men again. But look where I am heartbreak was the same old story you hear in the streets…same game just different players…my first real love, Ben, was made from heaven, you know the type of feeling where you know you are meant for each other.that you were created right from his ribs.the schoolgirl type of vibes…Yea I was there and it was all butterflies and rainbows…We used to go for long walks, look at the stars, he sang to me and then I would blush and draw maps, as they call it…You would say that it was just a crush, maybe even a fling but I knew it was true love. You know why? Because when I was new to the school he was kind to me. No one wanted to hang out with the new shy girl who is socially awkward yes, that was me.
Instantly I fell for him, yet he had a girlfriend at that time…bummer, right? But just when I thought things could not get any easier, they broke up, heaven knows why I dint even care so I started smiling every time he passed by, I even started wearing perfume for the sake of getting his attention, and it worked. He asked me out and I tried to play hard to get so he could try even harder to win me…and it all turned out perfectly.

We started dating officially after we were about to join highschool, I know it seems like we took too long but I wanted to get to know him better and I did, and I loved every moment with him. Every day I got goosebumps just thinking of him….just like in the movies. Yes, yes, my life was like a fairytale…a dream I never wanted to wake up from. He was my dream guy… I even thought about marriage at 14..that was so stupid I know.. I still judge myself every day. But after all the love I showed him, all the attention, all my time he went ahead and cheated on me with his ex. That hit me really hard. To top it all up, they did all that just in my neighborhood!!

On a normal day and I was going out for bread, guess who I saw kissing right at the corner…my heart broke into a million pieces. I pulled the necklace he proposed with from my neck, it was so painful damn!… But I didn’t even care at that time… He had just been feeding me with lies all along. I put it in his hands and tried walking away…tears filling my eyes…




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