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Celebrated fashion brand the JW Show, has entered into yet another agreement that will see the company spearhead awareness and take a leading role, in matters of youth empowerment in Kenya.
Tribus-TSG, a subsidiary company of Centum Investment PLC, is the brains behind Ajiry; a job placement and youth empowerment platform, launched in May last year. The JW and Tribus-TSG agreed to offer comprehensive training and job opportunities to the youth. The training and job opportunities will cut across various areas in both the public and private sectors to assist the National Government achieve its Big (4) four agenda.

JW Show Ajiry contract
Mr. Jeffrey Wilson, Founder & CEO of the JW Show (center-left) at the contract signing ceremony

The JW show will support the Ajiry program through various initiatives including but not limited to; space and facilities to house the Ajiry Job & Training Centre, training and job opportunities,
facilitation and support within JW.

In an exclusive coverage of the signing ceremony Fotophreak Magazine was able to obtain a copy of the contract agreement that outlines the following responsibilities for JW Show:

o Assist with Awareness of the Ajiry Program and Opportunities.
o Where applicable connect with job opportunities and employment schemes to Ajiry program members.
o Support the Ajiry program through funding schemes where applicable and mutually beneficial.

Tribus TSG management co-signing the contract agreement as witnessed by staff

The JW Show has been on a steady rise since its inception over 7 years ago, registering more numbers during its fashion events usually held in November, even are more corporate organizations and government agencies continue to chase their signature. During their fashion event late last year, the JW Show was able to secure the audience and support of Dr. Ezekiel Mutua’s KFCB, who even pledged to pump in more resources into the 2020 edition to be held later this year.

The success of the JW Show has sent many corporate organizations looking for their important signature.
The success of the JW Show has sent many corporate organizations looking for their all-important signature.

More eyes will now shift to these organizers of one of Kenya’s biggest fashion events, (JW Show) even as they continue to plan and execute their county-to-county talent acquisition and mentorship campaign.

Speaking jointly to Fotophreak Magazine after the contract signing, both parties expressed confidence and exhumed positivity, with this new partnership, that will see them reach out to millions of young people across the country. If you haven’t gotten a chance to attend the JW Show, make sure you follow us on our social media platforms to stay updated on the 2020 dates and offers.

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