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What is Love? Love is a very overused word…What I mean is, love is becoming cliche among the youth and everyone in this country…love sounds so amazing at first because what we see in movies and read in novels gets people all bubbled up for more than they get. I have noticed the difference between the on-screen romance and what we have here..they don’t claim love when it doesn’t can’t get a guy telling he loves a girl or vice versa if they don’t mean it…what I mean is, they vibe first and get to know each other before they say its love.

Here in Kenya, love is too normal, you meet someone and they start claiming its love. They don’t even know your last name, yet they love you already. Then, after you are in too deep, is when they mess you up. Leaving you heartbroken after they get to know the real you and find out they don’t really like that part. They can’t handle the truth about you. They leave when it gets serious. Looks can be deceiving, people hide scars behind their smiles and people fall for the outside and hate the real you. That’s why you meet heartbroken people, who have given up on love claiming its a scam, claiming true love only exists in Hollywood. Well, I say we can make our Hollywood right here. It starts with us, it starts with me and you. We can change the definition of love. What we want and what we get don’t have to be two different things.

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