she sat three desks ahead of  me.This girl called Angie ,my crush at first sight. She had been  in my mind since I joined class  last September. I couldn’t help but stare her way in case she turned back and I have a chance to say hi. I had made advances but were all turned down claiming that she has a boyfriend, not that I didn’t know of though I insisted anyways.We had gone on several outings nothing was requited but I kept pushing for a chance ,the day finally came .

One Saturday morning I noticed her  gloomy mood and decided this was going to be my day. The lecture was somehow getting in my way as it was  so boring I almost dozed off .Finally after three hours the lecture ended. I hopped of my seat and went to be what I knew best, a knight in shining armor .I sat at the desk in front of her and inquired “Hi whats wrong you, you don’t look like yourself today ?? She sat up and “Nothing I can’t handle” That wasn’t the answer I wanted so I prodded on “If you wanna talk about it I’m here for you” …”I had a fight with my bf last night were not talking no more”.

I took her out and bought foodstuffs; soda pizza half chicken and chips .We walked to her hostel with hope and excitement. I knew my day to finally lay my crush had come. We got into her hostel unpacked our lunch as I tried my best to vibe her so I get her in the mood. Suddenly there was a knock. I opened the door feeling angry at whoever was trying to ruin my day. Right there on the door stood Nick, Angie’s boyfriend looking regretful as ever. I felt like slamming  the door on his face but humbly opened it and let him in “Please baby forgive me at least give me a chance to explain”he pleaded .He held out his hands and reached out to Angie. I almost shouted “no Angie don’t..” but I held my voice . Angie out of the blue said “excuse us I’ll be fine”… after Nick went on his knees and almost cried.I left regretful as ever knowing that she is going to accept his apology and they will make love and eat my lunch .Fate has never been this cruel !!



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