The Fotophreak Model of the Week

Iwas turning in the bed when I heard a continuous sob at the edge bed. I woke up and saw a figure sitting on the floor then it hit me like a truck. I had just made love to my best friend! I hit the bed in a fit of anger but the damage had been done. I got off the bed and sat next to Trace who continued to sob sparingly, her make up now a mess . We sat staring into the wall wondering what to do or say to each other. Our friendship had just received a  blow that it  would  never recover. At least for the moment .I put my hand around her to console her but Trace  got up and headed for the door. I didn’t even inquire where she was going; the pain was too much and the guilt unbearable.The door shut and went into a trance of thoughts; intense and torturous thoughts that made me hate myself more “What had I just done ?.

Days went by ,I tried calling and texting her  but all went unanswered .I asked everyone I knew about her whereabouts all in vain. She told no one where she had gone to .I fished out my phone and decided  to apologize as I had never got the chance to ,the message read;
“Tee am sorry for what happened I will not use my drunk state as an excuse for what I did. It shouldn’t have happened, truth is I miss you. I need you we’ve come a long way please tell me where you are, let us talk .
I remember the first time I got a new apartment and you came over for lunch fried rice and paprika sauce  .Hahaha ! That was the worst kitchen mess I have ever made not forgetting how terrible the food tasted. We ate it anyways with lots of water to reduce the burnt taste.

That day we went for a party and your heels were a bit tight and I being a your ” man ” removed my jordans and gave them to you while I walked in socks home .Whenever anyone looked at us you would ask “Hes my boyfriend got a problem? “My friends said you had bewitched me and yes you had .Those nights we just sat on the couch and talked over pizza and soda about everything that came to mind my special one being your first kiss and how disgusting it felt you described it saying it was like kissing a horse .I laughed my head off ,I miss the evenings we played basketball on the school pitch till late how you would feign injury and score unfairly .
Please let me know where you are let us talk  and fix this like old friends .Words cannot explain how sorry i am”,,,,



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