iinvited my best friend over for a drink  cause finally i could say  my crush and the most fly girl in the whole frat had agreed to be in a relationship with me .Trina was my girlfriend. My patience had paid off or had it?? Well about six months  ago i noticed her in at a crowd with her group of four friends in a football game.  She caught my attention the most; her cap,her glasses  her hair ,white top, a college jacket, ragged jeans and the figure my laawd! Left me in a daze .

Evans arrived on time and soon we were into talk about my new conquest and how I feel like  am on cloud nine .Evans was happy for me ,,,was he??. Drinks flowed  smoothly as I got to tell him more about my girlfriend, how good it felt getting laid with the most popular girlfriend in school, hanging out with her friends and all the parties we attended in outskirts of town were a moment I would re-live if it were possible .”Dude guess you have found love before me  but how?? Life’s unfair man “He said laughing bringing his glass to his mouth, I joined him “Am blessed  man ”

We toasted to that and drank off our glasses in one gulp grunting at how sour the beer was.”I feel at peace right now that I have someone in my life whom I can share my love with; though she’s not my first I feel she’s special. The kind that  makes you want to change for the better you know ” I said as Evans nodded in agreement to what I had uttered. He seemed to be in deep thought then looked up to me “Shes a smart and strong woman .Lets toast,,,,again to happiness and above all loooveee!”Our glasses clinged as we downed them  in unison .

I got to my apartment and stopped at the door. The smell of food hit my nose and I drew it in opening the door, the scent was stronger .I headed for the kitchen and peered  Damn! Trina stood on one leg in undies and a lacy bra. I had to adjust my member and approached her .She turned with an apple in her hand pushing me back ” uh uh can only look but can’t touch “biting the apple slowly and seductively sucking all the juice .My mind raced as all the dirty ideas of what I would do to her made me excited and I moved closer  bringing her into an embrace. I took her hand and bit a piece of the apple. Next thing I  knew we were kissing, her tongue tasted apple  and I devoured it with lust ,i craved and longed for her to ,feel myself inside her ,to make her mine .

We moved to the bedroom I stripped her and pinned her to the bed with her hands over her head. I kissed her hard I almost felt my lips snap; as I went to her neck and her chest licking one of her nipples she let out a moan. I teased a little more she shifted in pleasure. .”I will make you want no other “I said to myself as I shed my boxers “You have a condom ” She asked, I reached for my jeans and extracted the latex. She giggled “Naughty boy ” I wore it slipped into her starting slowly increasing tempo .I flipped us over for the cowgirl  which I knew she loved. If she only knew how sexy she looked right now, she rode till i felt her legs start to stiffen and she collapsed on my chest exhausted, as I filled the condom .My night was made finally. We sealed our relationship with the right action and I smiled carresing her back drifting to sleep.



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