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I knew I would regret this but the pleasure overshadowed my thoughts .Vins was my cousin and never had I ever looked at him in this perspective. What now? Truth is, even after him eating me out until my soul almost left my body, I still wanted him but the guilt was overwhelming. What about Dee? I had forgotten about her, ignored the fact that she was in the same house in another room probably sobbing her eyes out while I was getting bumpy with her guy getting on cloud 9 what’s life?
As I left for the bathroom, Vins blocked my way bending for a kiss but I moved away, he said, “I don’t know what’s up with me, I just can’t get enough of you.” I wanted to let him know the feeling was mutual but the guilt wouldn’t let me so I just stood there. This time he went for my neck, kissing gently going down my boobies, caressing them and suddenly grabbing them as he licked one of the tits. I don’t know how but suddenly we were on the bed my hands pinned behind, who could resist this? Not me definitely. I was done acting all rigid, I went straight for his toy, and sucked the life out of him. I could hear his groans as if begging for more.
I took a hot shower that morning, scrubbing my skin mercilessly as if it was enough .punishment, this was the first and last time I would set foot in this house, I thought as I prepared to leave. I prayed Dee would make up with Vins just to ease up my guilt I even convinced her to stay as I left. I went ghosting on him and stayed low key trying to forget everything that happened that day. I had decided never to look for him nor raise the issue and just think of it as a bad dream.
Then he texted ‘hey lil ma’ come through on Friday I wanna tap that’…the devil is a liar, hesitant and not knowing what to say or how to react to this, I just replied with a simple No. Boy, this text got me reminiscing our sexual escapades; this was so wrong yet so good. He went ahead to inform me he’ll be working in my town on Saturday that meant I would see him in four days time.
On that Saturday he called at around 7am. Vins requested I see him early since he would be working in the afternoon till late in the evening and I was okay with that. I reached the premises at around 10am, my head was in turmoil, how was I to tell him whatever we did was wrong considering the fact that this guy could work on me like I was paying for it, work on my body like he owned it.
There he was the person I needed most and would never be mine. He walked towards me; his strides and poise were perfect, confidence in each step he took. His manly charm made it worse for me not to smile back at him. He came right to where I was, boy I got myself cuffed under him, under that body of a champion, looking over his shoulder guess who? Pretty Miss. Dee, his girlfriend, coming for her guy or should we say ‘our’ guy.
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