The Fotophreak Model of the Week

Humans are prone to having pride and even more egos. We feed and take care of them as if they were little children because nobody wants to give up their pride and certainly not have their ego bruised. But sometimes we are supposed to value other things more than our egos. That was the case for me but not for him.
My love had proven to be somewhat an ego maniac, I had seen it from the moment we met. At first it did not bother me because I knew it was a man thing, men love their egos a little bit more than women do. It is nothing but the pure annoyance of nature. At some point however, it is best to drop the act and let someone else win. This did not register in my darling’s head. Every time we had different opinions, his sole purpose was to show me how mediocre my decisions were.
It annoyed me to no end because not only did I lose every argument but I was constantly reminded how my weak my argument was. Things got worse when even small choices became reminders of how mediocre I can be. How did my music taste suddenly become so boring? The songs were low quality too. My movie choices were boring no matter how hard I tried to prove otherwise. I understand that he did not like them but was it necessary to be that cruel to me? Here he was being so hard on my decisions not realizing that he was one of them.
Small things of course turned to big things;money, attention, chores, politics, religion, it did not matter because even when I was right I was still wrong. He made sure that I knew my place. No matter how much sense I made I would always be wrong and I let him win. It pained me to be constantly criticized by the person I loved but I took it lying down because I valued my relationship more than my ego. If only he would do the same.



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