The Fotophreak Model of the Week

I looked and wondered
Who is lady in purple
Mini-skirt almost showing nethers
She looks familiar
Here in the lowlands there no white ladies
She has her aura on
Her nose high to show pride
Ooh so majestic
But I guess I know who this is
She is the so long gone
Daughter of Acholi
The soot black daughter of Opiyo
Look at her now
She is all white
Her lips like red ulcer
That sips off blood
Her very short dress dance with the wind
She flaunts off the cause a child’s blindness
So flubby is this daughter of Acholi
That it’s doubtful
If this was the skinny girl
The one that looked like a Karamajong cow
Now like a guards bottom
She flaunts her assets
People of our land
Bring your eyes
Come and see the new daughter of our own
The newly changed
Daughter of Acholi



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